Christian Education

North Campus

Deacon Rodney Curvey

South Campus

Deacon Harold Harris

The Christian Education Department is focused on meeting the needs of our members on every level. Classes are structured to enable the member to establish a meaningful relationship with Christ. We have a structured format and our instructors are well trained with a large portion having attended seminary.

For new members we have a detailed eight lesson plan that firmly grounds new believers and confirms salvation for seasoned saints. We follow this up with a thirteen week growing in Christ series that establishes solid Biblical principals for Christian living. We have classes that begin with preschool through Senior adult education.

One can also participate in our weekly church school where we systematically walk through the Bible Expositor (Chapter by chapter precept upon precept). We have a weekly Pastor's Bible study that is aimed at meeting the needs of saints and helping them to walk in victory and live an abundant Life. The sinner can be transformed, the saint conformed, and the back slider reformed. Move to the next level in your spiritual growth, attend classes hosted by our anointed instructors. Contact the church for more details.