Youth Administrator

Rev. Christopher CurL,  Sis. Windie Curl - North Campus

Sis. Jennifer Washington - South Campus

Scholarship Fund

Lady LaTonya Carrington

The Mission of the Youth Department of Willing Workers Baptist Church is to teach our children to observe and practice the word of God (Psalms 78:4) so that they can teach the future generations (Psalms 78:4-6) how to put their faith and hope in God (Psalms 78:7) and never to forget his glorious works (Psalms 78:7).

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WOW CAMP 2023 Day 1

WOW CAMP 2023 Day  2

WOW Worship Service | All Youth are Welcome!

Ages 5-17

1st & 3rd Sunday

8:30 AM | North Campus
12:00 PM | South Campus

2nd Sunday: Main Sanctuary

8:30 AM | North Campus
12:00 PM | South Campus

4th Sunday: Family Day

8:30 AM | North Campus
12:00 PM | South Campus

Nursery is Available (Ages 0 to 4)

Because of the awesome power of God's Word, our youth ministry produces young people who know who they are, know where they're going, well-rounded and able to deal with a diverse group of people, have faith in God, know how to pray, goal-oriented and know whose they are.

Unfortunately, society is full of examples of what happens to our young people and to society as a whole when we lose sight of our God-given responsibility to nurture, protect and guide them, but as with every other area of life, the Bible clearly warns us of the dangers of not properly caring for our young people.

Some of those examples are found in the book of Judges 2:10-20, 3:7-8, 3:12, 4: 1-2, 6:1-2.

Our prayer is that every child and teenager will reach their full potential in Christ. Come join us at Willing Workers Baptist Church and experience the awesome power of the Holy Spirit