Sister Doretha Elmore - North Campus
 - South Campus


Deacon Sylvester Johnson (North)
Deacon Harold Harris (South)


This ministry is comprised of men and women of our church as well as the wives of the Ministers and Deacons and those who serve others through food preparation and transportation. General auxiliaries is a ministry that strives to meet the needs of the entire congregation. We are a church where everybody is somebody so we want to make sure that all people are welcomed and involved. Minister's Wives and Deaconess prepare candidates for baptism and assist wherever they are needed. Men of Standard and Women of Excellence have been designed to address the issues that our men and women are faced with on a daily basis. The Senior Saints ministry has been set-up for our members who have reached the age of maturity but still have much to offer the church through their knowledge and wisdom.
Ministries & Leaders:
  • MINISTER'S WIVES -Sis. Betty Carrington
  • DEACONESS - Sis. Betty Roberson
  • WOMEN OF EXCELLENCE - Sis. Lynette Alexander
  • MEN OF STANDARD - Dec. Lemond Mitchell
  • KITCHEN - Sis. Ethel Luckett
  • BUS TRANSPORTATION - Sis. Mary Shelvin
  • SENIOR SAINTS - Sis. Ethel Luckett